Monday, September 28, 2009


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  1. This is cool! Is this the parade supporting Cacique Marcos Xukuru?

  2. Hi Tasha - no, this Maracatu group is not part of the demonstration in support of the Xukuru. Maracatu is a form of rhythm, music, dance, and historically a social process to recognize leaders within slave communities. Maracatu is also known as "maracatu de baque virado" (Maracatu of the turned-around beat). For a simple and incomplete discussion see Maracatu was developed in Brazil by slaves and has many different symbolic meanings, from being divested as Reis do Congo (Kings of Congo)who were leaders in slave communities, to its infusion in the African religion of Candomblé. Today, there are thousands of Maracatu groups across Brazil that practice throughout the year for their participation and competition in the Brazilian Carnival that occurs in February. The deeper significance of Maracatu in this sense, has been dropped by popular culture, and has been appropriated as a Brazilian Carnival experience. It's a very interesting and meaningful experience when witnessed live through an awareness of its history.


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