Monday, May 28, 2012

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5-25-12: After our tour today, the Cacique brought our group to a small restaurant in Pesqueira where he ordered a large meal for us. He was sure to include "batatas fritas" (French Fries) and multiple large glass bottles of Coca-Cola along with the local cuisine for his American guests. While attempting to read the menu in Portuguese, I realized that the first meals offered were large, communal meals - like the one the Cacique had ordered for us - and that ordering an individual meal was not the norm due to its placement further back on the menu. This is one of the major differences from American culture that I have noticed. Everyone in the Xukuru territory seems to do everything together or for the good of each other, and that meals are always shared and are comparable to social event. am told that this is because their society more closely relates to a sociocentric society while a majority of American society is based on the individual, instead of the collective.
Overall the afternoon was a memorable one with good food, intriguing conversation, and great new friends. - Beth

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