Thursday, May 31, 2012

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5/30/12 Today we had a relaxing day at the house. We got to play with the kids and soak up some of that Brazilian sun. It has been so fun to spend time with the Cacique's children. Marcos Paulo, the oldest is five years old and full of life. He is charismatic, animated and kind. He always makes a point in telling the women they look nice if they got their hair done or are wearing a nice outfit. He is quite the entertainer, tonight he showed us his dance moves, with his little brother Yuri Mateus.
Yuri Mateus is the definition of a toddler. He, sort of reminds me of Tommy from the "Rugrats" going on all of these adventures that us grown ups don't know about. He is a man on the move, busy playing hide and seek, and giving everybody love. It is crazy to think we will be leaving the Aldeia Santana in a week. I'm really going to miss everyone here. - Erin

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