Monday, May 28, 2012

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5/27/12 I must have caught the cold that has been going around the house. First the kids got it than Isabell, and now me. Although, its uncomfortable to be away from home, let alone in another country while I'm sick. The family has been wonderful about taking care of me. They have been giving me special ear-drops, that they make from local herbs, and I have been drinking Helana's lemongrass tea. It's so nice to be around a family, it reminds me of my own family. I like hearing the kids playing and running around, and the buzzing of the family getting ready for meals. As, a college student living in an off campus apartment, I often spend a lot of time by myself. This summer when I go back to Grand Forks I will be living alone. Although, I will be busy with work, and have friends in and out. I'm sure I will miss having a family around. Erin

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