Saturday, June 2, 2012

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6/1/12 Today some of us went into town with Helena, Isabel and the kids. I had only been into Pesqueira two other times before today. Once during the march and last Saturday to get our hair done. The colors in Pesqueira and many of the buildings here are beautiful.
You will see building that are pink or bright green, colors that might have a problem getting through zoning laws in the U.S. Helena and Isabel took us to a couple clothing stores and a perfume shop. I was surprised again how friendly and laid back everyone seemed. The kids were running around being kids, and instead of giving their mother and grandmother rude stares, they would get head pats and smiles. People seem much more laid back and not in as big of a hurry. It is more important to spend time with other people than it is to be somewhere on time. These stores are more focused on effectiveness than efficiency. For example in the states stores are focused on getting the most customers in and out in the lest amount of time. In Brazil, the cashiers are at the back of the store. They have desks and chairs so you can sit and pay. It is so interesting how things so simple can be so different from culture to culture.

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