Sunday, June 3, 2012

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6/2/12 Today, the fact that we will be leaving Santana in a couple days, has really sat in. When I came into this trip three weeks seemed like such a long time, now it seems like nothing.
Tonight while we were working on a video project, The Cacique came in and told us the news that he would be flying to Salvador and would have to leave early in the morning. This was devastating , I knew this time would come but it was hard that it came so soon. He has been amazing to us all. Opening his home, taking time to teach us about another way of life, and being patient with our language barrier while showing us unbelievable kindness and compassion. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to meet him and his family. Cacique Marcos reminds me of Gandhi, he has experienced incredible hardships, that would break many men and women. Instead he has gained a incredible amount of knowledge on living life to its fullest. He is able to be in the moment, whether he is talking with other leaders, playing with his children, or giving a speech. Erin

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