Thursday, June 7, 2012

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6/3/12 Since Helena and her daughters made such a big meal last Sunday, on June 3rd we prepared a huge American lunch for the family. On our menu was meatballs, garlic mashed potatoes, cucumber salad, and fruit with fruit dip for dessert; Helena also whipped up a few “normal” foods for them additionally. Making lunch didn’t go as rocky as I had thought it would; I know that it is usually really difficult for so many cooks to be in the kitchen together at the same time because everyone has their own style and the way they like to do things. Making lunch was a bit of a learning experience for all of us; we had to use unfamiliar ingredients to make our familiar recipes, different methods of cooking (i.e. gas stove top vs. the oven), and learn how to work efficiently in such a confined space. The most we had in the kitchen at one time was eleven people: Helena, Isabel and Isabela, our group, and three kids. It was so nice and comforting to smell the familiar smells coming from the kitchen, and I definitely ate way more than my fair share of food. I noticed that along with our American lunch came our American eating habits. Since being here, I’ve eaten my plate of food and have been satisfied enough to stop eating. But today, I ate, and ate, and ate, and ate… and then was in a full-on food coma. I asked Isabela if the people here ate until they were stuffed and useless and she explained that it definitely wasn’t the norm, whereas I’m used to displays of gluttony accompanying big dinners like these. We were all stuffed to the brim and the family appeared totally fine. I think we could learn a thing or two from them when it comes to healthy eating habits. -Shayla

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