Monday, June 4, 2012

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6/3/12 Last Sunday, Helena, Isabell and Isabella made a big Sunday lunch for us. This Sunday was our turn, to make a traditional American meal. We planed a menu, and went to the store on Friday to buy ingredients. We decided to make meatballs, mash potatoes and gravy, cucumber salad, and fruit with fruit dip. The Lee, Beth, Shayla and I, worked together to make the lunch. It was somewhat difficult, because some of the ingredients were different from what we are used to using. We also had to take into account using a different kind of oven and cooking meatballs on a stove top. In the end, it all came together, and it was great to people able to smell the aromas of good old Midwestern cooking. The meal turned out great, and it was fun to be able to share a little bit of our culture with the family. After, lunch and a little bit of realizing after all that food, I did my laundry. After this experience, I will defiantly not take the ability to use a washing machine for granted. It makes me think about how time consuming basic household chores are for so many people around the world. For example, the Xukuru teachers we met, work all day than have to come home to take care of their families. Many days, I come home and find myself complaining about not having time to do laundry or being able to cook something healthy to eat. I realize how silly of a thought this is, when I really do have the time. It only takes a few minutes to load a washing machine, and it really does not take long to make a salad or scrambled eggs. This experience truly has made me look at the world in a different way. Erin

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